The "ActiveSky P3D" definition has disappeared from data.index

On opening FMS Data Manager this morning to update to AIRAC 2309, I noticed that “ActiveSky P3D” had disappeared from my Addon List. After a bit of investigation I found that it was not in the latest (2309.0904.1.0) data.index file. Is there a reason for this - or can it please be reinstated. Thanks.

Bit disappointed that nobody from Navigraph has even acknowledged this. Anyone?..

Which version of P3D do you mean exactly? Also which Active Sky do you mean exactly?

In general, AS is still available for P3D too …


Hello Richard,

Thanks for getting back to me.

So, I am running Prepar3D V5.4.9.28482 and my ActiveSky P3D version is V1.0.8557.40969 (commonly known as 8557).

Before updating to the last AIRAC update (2309) or Navigraph FMS Data Manager update (V1.8.13.0719 for Windows), I am not sure which as I did both operations one after another, ActiveSky P3D was present in my Navigraph FMS Data Manager data.index file with the following entry and it was detected as an addon on my system and updated monthly.


Hello again Richard. I sent you a full breakdown on this including examples of the contents of my current and previous data.index and mapping.index files highlighting the missing “ActiveSky P3D” entry by reply to your email, but it seems to have been truncated here. let me know if you want me to send it again and to what email address. Thanks.

After a fairly recent update to the FMS Downloader, ActiveSky P3D has also disappeared for me. I’m also using version 8557.

Further, if I go to “Addon Mappings” and click “Scan”, ActiveSky P3D is not automatically found. I’ve not made any changes whatsoever to ActiveSky, and it’s installed at the default location, so this appears to be a Navigraph FMS Downloader bug.

As a workaround, I’ve manually added ActiveSky and this appears to be working.

FYI, I looked in the log file, but I don’t see anything being logged during the scan.


we are still in contact with the AS developer and has gotten all information from them. I´m currently analyzing the different patterns and versions to find out what happened. This is currently my main task, so you can expect any news in the next 1-2 days (depending on the results and a possible solution).

Sorry for the troubles, but as soon I have any idea, I will inform you here - the ticket will not be closed.
Thank you!


Hi gents,
just an update - I have identified an issue with the different pattern from ActiveSky. I’m currently working on a fix in the search index file.

Slorry for that, I do my best to solve it as fast as I can. Thanks to Damian from ActiveSky for his support!


Hi guys,
I´m finished now with the re-work for the Active Sky patterns … I have built a 2nd revision for all HiFi Active Sky products - there is no change from revision 1, but I have:

  1. renamed the titles according the HiFi products to be more clear, which version is what
  2. I have add new search pattern that the auto-scan works as expected again

Result after SCAN in the FMS Data Manager:

It needs a little till the files are uploaded and release on all servers, so please be patience. When the files are online, I will inform you here again.

Thank you,

Hi again guys,
revision 2 is now online in the FMS Data Manager - the manual setups will be followed tomorrow during the day.

I would recommended following steps:

  • remove your old Active Sky mapping in the Addon Mappings and press the SAVE button
  • press the SCAN button again, the FMS Data Manager should find the correct version on your system - press the SAVE button again
  • go back to the Addon List and update your Active Sky version again

It should work now … the auto-scan too, but again, you must remove the previous entry first, save it and make a re-scan.


Hello Richard,

I hope you are okay.

I have just followed the procedure you provided and it worked fine. I now have “Active Sky P3d (v4/v5)” as a mapped addon again, and it has successfully been updated to AIRAC 2309.

Thanks for your help with this!

Thanks for your feedback, and also for your patience to this … it was a long way “back” because we must changed a few things internally first. But it looks good now and the best are happy customer. So, thanks again - for your time and for your loyalty.

Let me/us know, whenever you have any question, requests, extended wishes, …
Happy flying and enjoy your day,

Worked for me too, thanks for the quick turnaround!

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