Wrong Location of KFK VOR


I caught that KFK VOR has wrong coordinates for MSFS 2024.

It should be 384356N-0295958E, but for MSFS users it’s in the south of actual location. You can find the relevant screenshot in the attachments.

please can you post a screenshot from the MSFS WorldMap, where we see this issue?

This screenshot is not from the MSFS, therefore the request. I don’t see any reference on this screenshot sorry.

Thank you,

Hi again,
I have checked the position by my own and I can´t reproduce your report. Here, what I see on the MSFS WorldMap:

Also can you forward me an official reference of your coordinates for the KFK VOR because they don´t fit with our coordinates and is extremely offset.

Here, when I enter your coordinates on google maps:

… and here, when I use our coordinates which seems to be correct:

Thank you,


Thank you for the answer, I realised I accidently put coordinates of KINIK while taking it from AIP.

So the coordinates are correct. The only thing THY98U claimed that he uses MSFS but this must be an Old AIRAC issue i guess.

Thank you for the answer. Regards.

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