Wrong data in UHHH

Hello. AIRAC 2302. Airway B355 the BG NDB located in wrong place. Also I have problem with STAR in UHHH - ARDEL6A the all transitions - B1,B2,B3,B4 located in wrong place. I don’t know if this happens to other STARs. But I hope you can help.


thanks for the report …

First, I have looked on the BG NDB and we don´t have these coordinates in our database for the UH/BG NDB … we have 43.88416667, 133.25305556 which are (at least what I see) correct so far.

So, I don´t know really know from where this NDB is because we only have three enroute BG NDBs in our database:

UH/BG Muraveyka 920.0 43.88416667, 133.25305556
UU/BG Karmanovo 745.0 55.83333333, 34.85972222
RP/BG Baguio 272.0 16.37438889, 120.61669444

… but none that shows these coordinates.

What I need to check it in detail is at least, which sim do you use and which addon do you use here? Unfortunately, there are no information about this in your initial posting.

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P3D v5.2 HF1 FSLabs A320 (last version) AIRAC 2302

same problem in Prepar3d v4.5 HF2 (FsLabs a320 last ver.)

Thanks, I have checked the FSLabs database now too … but the airway B355 contains the correct BG NDB and the BG NDB has the correct coordinates, so I can´t say from where this information comes from.

I assume more an issue in the FSLabs logic behind - have you reported this to FSLabs as well?


No, I haven’t reported.
The most interesting thing. I tried AIRAC 1801 and it’s works fine.
And one more thing. When I’m type in MCDU B355 then BG then G714 I got AWY WPT Mismatch. And when I’m type only Airways B355 then G714 he sets BG NDB but again in wrong place.

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I decoded database and delete BG DME (BOGORODSKOYE) in VHF_NAVAID after that all works fine…

Again, please report this to FSLabs because the DME isn’t a part of the airway. So it’s a wrong assigment in the FSLabs logic …

What I personally don’t understand and where I can’t follow you is, that you are speaking from either a vhf navaid and one time from an ndb navaid. Two different things … and a DME only is a normally a terminal navaid, to an airport but not a navaid on an airway. Therefore my assumption, that FSLabs uses the wrong one :wink:

Thank you

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Yeah, that’s true. I can’t understand what’s happening too. Waiting for fix :slight_smile:
And thank you for help

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