Wmkk gupt1j

when using the STAR GUPT1J at WMKK for ILS 33 there are 5 missing Waypoints KK841, KK842, KK843, KK844 & KK845. This shortens the approach by 28.5NM making the mandatory altitudes and speeds extremely dificult to maintain on the initial approach from SULDI onwards. Flying the FBW A32NX Developement version. All community content fully up to date.

it seems that this is an issue in the FBW addon. I have tried the GUPT1J at WMKK with the default TBM and here you see all waypoints correctly:

Using AIRAC 2110 rev. 1 + default sim version, with the default TBM aircraft:

The waypoints are in the dataset but it looks, that the FBW doesn´t read it correctly. Sorry, please report this to the FBW guys …

Thank you,

Thankyou for looking into this for me, i have since realised i also have some custom scenery so i will have to try out the TBM just to check i get the same result and can rule out the scenery.

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