Will VFR charts arrive at some point?


I bought Navigraph with the announcement in the FS2020 partnership video that the VFR support will arrive in some point…

Several months ago… no news

I wonder if it’s worth the wait, when there are not even status updates… or cancel my subscription and renew when it’s available

Hello I heard that even there came VFR charts, it would be separate subscription. So if you want VFR only, I would say you have no reasons to keep your IFR sub.

(I’ve no intentions to harm Navigraph at all! Sorry if it doesn’t sound good!)

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VFR charts will come, and we will announce progress as it happens, but there is no news at this moment. If you are only a subscriber for the future VFR product it may make sense to pause and resume later. If you use our existing products then it may make sense to stay.

We have not communicated this. Although we reserve the right to make any changes in the future, with appropriate notification, we have no plans to change our existing offering.




Ok, so see you in the near future! Thanks for your sincerity :wink:

Oh! That’s very good! Thank you for nice news!

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