Why the colors not written in the documentation?

Cant been, I search now 3 hours in internet!

Dear, a user ask about the colors in an other forum question and you link to the introducion manual. OK, then I have check it! In this manual you give up and write in the introducion manual on page 7 - Number 5: This are so much colors and signs, please look in the jeppessen documention with a link and this link is now not possible! You cant get their the informations! This make so happy, when you search in internet and then link to other sides, they later not exists!

Why you not answer the question correctly here, before in the other forum question OR why you not answer the question in your manual? Then never of your customers must ask again? And this will make your product much professional!

So, what is now happens, with RED COLR or BLUE COLOR about under or up the FL hight in your charts on the air ways? The informations all your customers missing!

What on earth are you talking about, and to whom?