Colour scheme. sympathu consideration for those colour blind

Would you kindly consider adding an option box to change the colours. A common colour blind problem is Colour perception 4 which recognises that sufferers have problems with red and green, in most cases I cant tell the difference. Im suggestioning an addition but keep the default.


Hi, we can certainly consider this yes.

Are there any specific parts of the website that are particularly unclear in this regard? At the moment we already don’t use very much red/green, and in those places we do, there are alternate indications besides the color (for example, error text or icons).

But it’s possible I’ve overlooked something, so let me know if there is a specific part that is worse than the others so we can prioritize it!

Best regards,

Bless you Sir, hugely appreciated. in short any where the option uses red and Green together if that makes sense, colour perception problems is difficult to describe. for example you might say the colour is red, i might say pinkish. i personally cant tell the difference between brown and green so you could say its an issue with shades. just having an option to change colours more favourable to how we see items would be extremely appreciated.