Why so broken?

Why so broken? Navigraph Chart Software that does not work with Navigraph Database?

Just by chance did you guys actually have a plan to provide a “Ultra Software” for this “Ultra Subscription” price?

Please, we try to be “ultra professional” with “ultra support” but please give us a hint to the KLAB icao-code. I can´t find any ICAO code with this ident … so, please to give you the “ultra support”, let us know, which airport this is and where this airport is … (in best case with a reference)

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Any update on this Franco? It would be great to improve our service, so please let us know where KLAB is located.

Thank you and have a nice day

First Thanks for the reply…

Ok…on further review, My Error, my apologies. .

KLAB is the Problem not KPHX.

The way you have the software interface designed it is confusing as the error for KLAB comes up below the line for the entry, and did so once I entered KPHX which made me assume the error was for the entry of KPHX.

While I have your attention… since that issue…I think I have another broken thing.

I wanted to uninstall the Navigraph Data set from MSFS 2020 and revert to the default data set that comes with MSFS 2020.

So, as per instructions…I used the Navigraph Navdata Center which I used to install it in the first place.

So in Navigraph Navdata Center, under Simulator Base Packages, it now says in the the line entry “AIRAC Cycle 2109 rev.2” and the button next to it says “Install”.

So I take it that means it is no longer installed, correct?
And that MSFS 2020 default Navigation Data set should be installed, correct?

HOWEVER, when I go into the sim and look at the AIRAC using the FMS in the B748 it says “Sep 09 Oct 06 /21”. Unless I am mistaken that is the current data set is it not?

So either the MSFS 2020 data base is kept current or your “uninstall” process is broken?

IF its the former then it begs the question, why do I need the Navigraph Data set, if it’s the latter than what do I have to do to fix this?

You can simple check, if the Navigraph data are still in place or not.

Start the sim, goto the Content Manager and look for Navigraph or AIRAC. When you get no result, you can be sure that the sim use the stock data beause than our package isn’t loaded.

To the question why Navigraph and where are the difference between the stock data:

In general the provider. MSFS uses NavBlue and we Jeppesen. The difference is now the worldwide dataset. NavBlue is mainly focusing on the European areas, Jeppesen worldwide. That was the reason why ASOBO has added the US FAA data too due the poor NavBlue coverage in this region.

With Jeppesen, you can be sure, that you have a worldwide coverage and a real-world update mechanism (all 28 days, exactly and not a few days or more later, due the update process at ASOBO/MS). Further, the data are 100% corresponding to our charts. So, you don’t need to search in the www. Navigraph offers one source, from one hand and not a mix of free- and payware sources.


Very Good…and thank you.
And again, my apology for the snarky post to start with.

I actually was considering not continuing my subscription because I was having issues I did not understand and was not sure of the value, but I have changed my mind. And that is a good thing to learn something is valuable.

So thanks again and have a great day.

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No problem, much appreciated and thank you very much for this kind words, let us know whenever you have an issue, a question and/or an idea for any improvements.

Take care and thanks again

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