Why does Navigraph Hub ask me to constantly sign in?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Navigraph Hub several times. I have excluded it in my AV program, yet it never retains my sign in. Is there a fix for this? I’ve tried the suggestions here in the forum, but none of them fix the problem. Just wondering…

Could it have with cookies? I also have noticed that for different aircraft with integration i also have to sign in.

I’ve tried everything, nothing works. The previous version was much more stable and reliable.

Is your computer clock in sync? Please check.



Yes, it is. I’m on a new PC with Windows 11 Pro. I notice several recent windows updates which affected some other programs. I wonder if Navigraph Hub is affected. Also, now Simlink is acting up and also keeps spinning and never signs in. Both are excepted in my AV.

Those are symptoms of Windows Clock not synched. To confirm please right click on Windows clock in bottom right hand corner of screen, select Adjust Date and Time, then select Sync now.

Any improvement?


I have done that, perfectly in sync.


Finally, after completely uninstalling everything Navigraph, the hub, the charts, the navdata and the simlink, and starting over from scratch, I’m getting it all to work. An odd journey, but hey, here we are.

Hi Lee,

Thank you for the update. Glad it is resolved.
We have a small number of reports of this and most times they disappear. We are investigating.

Happy flying


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