I try to update AIRAC cycle but it says I need to buy a subscription to FMS data

I recently purchased a subscription to navigraph as a birthday present but every time I try to update my AIRAC it says I need to purchase a subscription to FMS data. Every time I click yes to purchase FMS data, It goes to a random error page on Navigraph website. Please help as I have had to cancel a few flights because I can’t update my Navdata.

Hi Julius,

You have two accounts. Make sure you log in to the account with the subscription. If necessary, in FMS Data Manager Settings, Unregister Account , and Sign in with details of account with subcription.

Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Ian,
It finally worked :smile: , thank you for the help as I have been trying for a while.
Yours truly, Julius

Hi Julius,

You are welcome. To avoid confusion you might like to consider deleting the non subscription account.

Happy flying.


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