KTRM RNAV RWY 30 Missing?

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I was chatting with another user on Discord and he noted KTRM RNAV RWY 30 was missing in stock NavBlue. I checked on my Navigraph install and it’s also missing. However, FAA Data still shows it’s valid and has an approach plate (corrected - last amendment to chart was July 2018, but valid until 27-Jan-2022). Thoughts on whether this is valid or just missing? Thanks!

this can´t be coded because the “missed approach” starts prior to the runway and due the fact that´s an RNAV approach only, there is no alternative like LOC only or similar else.


Thanks @NAVData Richard.

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I don’t totally follow this reasoning about the MAP (side note for other examples like TNCM RNAV 10 which does have the MAP 2 miles prior to the runway and does load)

KTRM RNAV 30 has the MAP shown on the Chart as RW30 at the threshold of the runway. The LPV is prior to the runway but is a DA(H) not a MAP…


That being said if you look at the KTRM RNAV 35 it is not an LPV but it does have the LNAV MAP .3 miles before the runway …

I am not saying you can not code it… I just don’t understand how the limiting factor is something that is in other approaches regarding the MAP being before the runway and the fact that it is actually not…

right - my fault. My first answer was a complete nonsense, sorry for that. I have looked on the wrong airport code, sorry for that! Not sure, why this procedure is not coded but it must be a reason. I will try to find out.


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Any luck on this one? Thanks!

No, sorry … we will look on one of the next cycles for this missing procedure.
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Just to be sure you are aware, the KTRM RNAV (GPS) Rwy 30 and VOR Rwy 30 approaches are also missing in XPlane 11. I am guessing its because it is the same data, but figured I would let you know this wasn’t isolated to MSFS.


Right, this procedure is missing in all datasets because this approach is not included in our source.

We will see, if it’s include in any future cycle.


Not sure if it helps … but apparently it is also missing from the MSFS Default Sim Data… wonder if the export from the FAA dropped it and thus also dropped on to Jep an thus your team…

Thanks for looking into this further Appreciate it.