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So I watched a snippet of video of what Southwest Airlines EFB has to offer the pilots. Not that I’m asking for a EFB from Navigraph rather the weather overlay on the route is what I’m asking about. Is there a way Navigraph can put live weather in software? If detailed maps are available, is it not possible to have filters for various weather information such as satellite or radar to show realtime on the Navigraph 8 or later versions?

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This is actually a planned feature and should br coming in a not too distant future. There is already airport weather in terms of METAR and TAF in the app, to which overlays will be added.




Would also be nice to be able to have the Airport and Route tabs open simultaneously, to avoid lots of clicking back and forth if routing with the app.

Any idea when this will be gracing our screens?


It is being actively worked on right now, so hopefully not too far away!

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Fantastic. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t quite understand why pmdg hasn’t a functioning radar so your app will help tremendously. Thank you

Hello everyone! We have just released update 8.28.0, which includes several new weather layers. Please have a look at the press release for a full walkthrough!

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I just logged in to tell you guys how great the wx layer implementation is! I was honestly just hoping for radar, but you guys knocked it out of the park, not only with all the different weather layers (visibility is one of my faves), but from a UX standpoint, tucking it away smartly. Well done! Can’t wait to see how you handle VATSIM traffic now based on this!

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Not seeing the weather in FS2020 either in 2D or VR. Version number is 8.27 and not 8.28. Has this version not available for the Sim?

The stand alone version works great.

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Please see Navigraph

The weather layers are displayable on all platforms that Navigraph Charts is available for, except for the In-Game Panel for MSFS. The team will research the possibility to include radar, METAR and AIRSIGMET / CWA for the Charts In-Game Panel in upcoming releases.


Thanks so much for that information. Hope you implement it soon in VR. Great addition to great software


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