Synchronize MSFS weather with Navigraph

There are times when navigraph weather differs from the weather in MSFS. Is there a way to sync them?

Hello Dunny!

There are several reasons why the weather is not synced between the simulator and our app, the three most important being:

  • As far as we’re aware, the simulator itself currently provides no way for developers to interact with and query the in-sim weather. See this thread for more details:
  • There would be as many different ways of getting ahold of the simulator weather as there are simulators supported by us. It is simply not feasible for us to maintain such integrations - which leads to point #3:

  • Navigraph provides real-world, real-time weather information. This means that it should be compatible with most modern simulators since they usually offer “real-world weather” options. We have a bunch of features coming in this area as well, including advanced weather overlays such as weather radar, cloud coverage, visibility etc,. This would not be possible if we relied on in-sim weather.

I hope this answers the question and sheds some light on our reasoning. Let us know if you have any more questions and/or would like something clarified!

Kind Regards,

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