Weather overlay

I’ve seen the EFB or whatever Southwest Airlines calls it in the 737 on YouTube. I greatly appreciate the fact that Navigraph implemented weather in the latest update. I was hoping that we as users would be able to install the app on the new pmdg uft and see exactly what we see on our iPads or desktops that should weather, detailed maps of airports down to gates and taxiways literally everything a pilot could ask for from what I imagined.

Hello! Thanks for posting and welcome back.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of reasons why this is unlikely to happen:

  • Navigraph does not develop the PMDG UFT. Any additions to the UFT will need to be developed by PMDG, not Navigraph.

  • The weather data that we have consists of vectorized information that is hard to display in the simulator due to its lack of support for rendering frameworks. This means that the ROI for PMDG is drastically reduced unless the simulator itself makes some drastic changes. Even then, this would likely be quite performance-intensive, unless they put significant effort in.

This said, we are open to future developments that would see us providing such weather data to third parties like PMDG for use in such visualizations. At the moment, however, your request cannot be fulfilled by Navigraph.

Sorry for the bad news! Let’s hope that the future has something more in store for this subject.

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