Weather Overlay - Suggestions

Hello guys,

I wanted to say thank for the great weather overlay feature… ITs just…a dream come true!

As a humble suggestion, may be its a good idea to enable a button to remove the radar tap from below the screen and still have the weather enabled and - Updating- to the latest automatically(not like video playing, but present and updating…)

Like the route button(1) or the pinboard button(2)…may be the weather button can work the same way, when you hit that one, you remove the tap but the information is still there…

So if you click on the weater(radar) tab it may still be showing up the info on the main screen, but removing the upper ,enu and lower tab…

or…another idea: may be hitting the (4) button, can remove all of those as well and perhaps still keep the data on the main screen? …The idea needs to be adapted a little bit, but here you are… lets get it polished… your´s is like foreflight´s… you can take a look and incorpore better ideas according to flight sim needs…

Thanks, and congratulations! Great achievement!

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I second this. Great idea.