Real Time Turbulence (option for charts)


A recently released a new app for airlines that takes the data of the pilots ipads (based on altitiude) and automatically inputs a dot or hex for real time turbulnce when they come across it in that location.

So for example. If the plane hits turbulence lets say at FL300 and the app notices it via the ipad due to the altitude loss (which for sim probably can just do via simconnect) it will automatically put the dot on the map and color cordinate it for intensity til it smooths out. This would be a great feature to add to charts for pilots as it would be real time than just EDR like in the current charts and Simbrief. Obviously, there would need to be something to filter out which weather is being used (preset, or live) and a filter option for certain altitudes.

i hope this gets look to be added into it?

THE APP IS CALLED SKYPATH! forgot it and finally found it. This would be awesome to have as a flight simulation.

Anything on this becoming a possibility


Thank you for the suggestion. We have many requests for features and enhancements. We use the wishlist votes to gauge user interest. We base our development broadly taking these votes into consideration.

You have one vote for the suggestion. Lets see if others want the suggestion also.


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Just adding

Just keeping this thread updated. Hopefully people like or comment in favor.