Weather feature in charts

It seems after the last msfs update the weather feature locks up. I click on the weather tab, and when I hit play it locks up. I can restart navigraph and everything reboots and works. I just cannot use the weather feature.

I hope I posted this in the correct area.


mine is messed up too it locks up have you found a fix

No, I was hoping others would be posting about it. I just dont use the feature while in flight. Hopefully something/somebody will figure out.

Ya cant believe thers no post or way too fix this

Hi guys,

I am unable to reproduce this issue. Could you please provide more detailed information about what is occurring? Are you using Charts on the Desktop or Web version? Does this issue affect all weather layers? Does this always happen, or only when MSFS is running simultaneously?

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Desk top charts when i turn on weather button every thing locks up

Even uninstalling navi dosent help

Yes, I tired all the easy stuff like that. It does it without being connected with msfs. As soon as you hit play you cannot do anything, pan, zoom in, etc… Yes, it does it with all layers.

I still can’t reproduce this on either macOS or Windows. We need to be able to reproduce the problem to be able to fix it so it would be great if you could provide more information about your systems. Specifically interesting is Windows Version, OS Build and “Experience” which you can find under Windows specifications in Settings>System>About

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System is amd 9 3900x
windows 10 home version 22h2
os build 19045.4598
experience pack 1000.19060.1000.0

Thank you @Sok555,

I also activated additional logging for your accounts. Can you please reproduce the problem again in Charts and we will have some more information on our side for the debugging?

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I am assuming then you wanted me to do a flight so you can see what is happening? A few minutes into the flight I activated the weather icon and hit play. It locked up, I exited the program and reloaded. Thanks.