WBGS: ILS 13 and GS incorrectly positioned

GS antenna and hut in wrong position. Currently located on runway. Should be further to north-east. The correct location should be at +2.2687954651164977, +111.97898588410786. Photos provided show where GS hut should be located in relation to Rwy13.

Also, ILS 13 beam appears to be aligned slightly to the right of Rwy13 (130.2 deg).

thanks for contacting us. To verify it, we are missing two things:

  1. Which simulator do you use?
  2. Do you have a real world reference, like from the AIP or similar else to check the correct position of the antennas? A satellite photo is good but not a real reference …

Last, you don’t use a 3rd party scenery for this airport, right?

Thank you

I have looked into the AIP Malaysia and the GS coordinates are absolutely the same as what we use, so it seems more a AIP issue. For that we can´t do anything, when the country reports the wrong coordinates …

Here from the AIP Malaysia:

You see the yellow marked coordinates … we have following coordinates in our database:
2.26803611111111, 111.97825

… but I agree with you, the coordinates looks strange, comparing with the google maps, but I don´t know how accurate google maps is. Therefore the reference is always the AIPs of the countries and what they offer.

Anyway, we use exactly the same data as the AIP Malaysia. Sorry … it seems a country issue as a navdata issue on our side or Jeppesen side.


Hi, thanks for looking into this. I use X-Plane.

It seems the AIP is wrong here, as you say, and you can’t do anything if the country reports the wrong coordinates. I’m glad we both agree that they ARE wrong! We’ll just have to leave it at that.

Thanks again.

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