VOR Y approach into LGMK

Yesterday evening we did a VOR Y approach into LGMK with final course 333. We did it instrumental with VOR frequency, without LNAV or GPS. But there is an error… The VOR position is very near the runway so it’s easy… Any radial would be direct the VOR but no… following the 333 to VOR it bring 2nm on the right of the LGMK airport… It is normal?

Like the VOR position was 2/3 NM on the east of the airport

which aircraft had you used and please confirm, that you use the stock LGMK scenery … I will try to reproduce it but I have checked the MKN VOR coordinates (37.44025833, 25.34451667) and the VOR is located exactly on the correct position:

Here from google maps - the blue marker is the MKN VOR - near the runway:

Therefore please the aircraft and the confirmation, that you don´t use any 3rd party scenery for LGMK.

Thank you,

Hi, PMDG and payware scenery

please try it, without the payware scenery because I have tried it with the FBW A320 and the stock scenery and here, I haven"t seen such an offset.

Possible that the payware scenery produce the offset.


I’ll try this ASPAP. Thanks! :slight_smile: