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i have a little question about VOR ranges. It’s not important and this might even be considerered just as nitpicking but well I just noticed something that can maybe be fixed to improve the quality of the data (assuming that my report is correct).

I use Little Nav Map to plan the flight and i came across this :

  • in my flightplan i used VOR MGA, as seen below the navigraph navdata shows a range of 40 NM

  • then during the flight, to my surprise, i noticed that i could catch the VOR as far as 125 NM away (see screen below). So i assume that in the navigraph database (little_navmap_navigraph) the range is set at 40 NM, but in the BGL used by the sim (…\1104\NVX11040.bgl) the range is set at 125 NM for that same VOR.

I have no clue what is the range in the real world (and for me it would be fine with both 125 or 40 :wink:), but i was just wondering if the data could be made so that there are no discrepancies between the BGL data and the ‘database’ data. For info, the default MSFS range for that VOR is even different at 195 NM.

I also have no clue if this is a particular case or not or if it could be replicated to many other VOR, most VOR i checked until now seemed to be fine but i haven’t really spent a lot of time on it.

As said above, really not important but maybe worth a little check one day, great product !

Thank you :beers:

thanks for this report - Indeed (and that means I can confirm) it´s a little bit strange all the different values from one and the same database :wink:

I have tried to find out why this happen now because I was also curious.

This VORDME (MGA) what you have found is really special because the range/power is “unknown” and therefore everyone define it in another way. We define VHF navaids, which have no official classification (=unknown) as LOW VHFNavaids with 125Nm. The LNM developer defines the same navaid as LOW with 40Nm - he is also using our database as basis and therefore he came to the same result, that MGA has no power/range indicator and therefore he set all these VHF navaids to his default LOW/40Nm.

We will change this in the near future for MSFS. In the near future, all “unknown” VHF navaids will be “HIGH” with a range up to 130Nm.



Thank you very much for taking the time to take a look at this and for your reply.

I have noticed a few posts lately in forums about VOR ranges, i guess it’s due to the recent release of the PMDG DC6 that brought them back to their glory days.

Just for your info, on the post i saw, the user was expecting to catch the VOR at 250NM (because that’s what LNM showed him when using Navigraph data) but then he was suprised to be able to catch it only at 125NM in the sim (he was using YAY VOR ‘Saint Anthony’). So i guess there are several VORs in the Navigraph LNM database who have these kind of little differences (the vast majority are probably ok though, this is just to give you a second specific example, all those that have 250NM in the LNM DB seem a bit suspicious because in sim they probably don’t reach that far).

Thanks again :beers:

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