Please reference this post Navigraph,

in where you state that the PJG VOR range is 200 nm as of 2109. I finally found some time to fly after SU7. After the update I removed, then re-installed NavData. LNM still shows 130 nm as max range for PJG. So I think … it’s probably because LNM can’t read the maximum range properly. But no. PJG VOR range is exactly 130 nm.
So what is the issue here?

Thanks for the question - indeed, there was an issue in 2111 where I have limited some navaid types to 130 miles max. I have made a test-branch for some other improvements and it looks like, that I have not set the file back to the master. Sorry for that. I have now checked the new upcoming cycle 2112 and here the range for this navaid is back to 200 nm.

Sorry, for the confusion and thank you for the hint! You have done all right :wink:


Thank you Richard !!!

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