Addressing the range of navaids

An often discussed topic among MSFS users is the range for radio navigation aids – VORs, NDBs, etc. Generally speaking the complaint has always been that the navaid ranges are taken too literally in sim, if the VOR range is 150nm you won’t receive it at 160nm, but you will start receiving it as soon as you hit 150nm.

That’s not really the case in the real world, you can start picking up signals weakly and they get stronger as you get more in range. My understanding of these published ranges is that they are the range where the FAA or other relevant body is saying that within X nm using this navaid is valid and accurate.

Are there any plans to get this hard range limit softened? I assume this is an MSFS limitation and not something Navigraph can control, so I guess what I’m really asking is, is this something you have discussed with Asobo and know whether or not they plan to address it?

As a side note, as of today is it still necessary to make sure that my Navigraph navdata is installed with the correct priority over the base simulator’s navdata?


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