VOR NEW(Castle) 114.25 gives VOR MEL 114.25

Made a flight today in the Aerosoft Airbus A320 Professional where VOR NEW(Castle) Freq. 114.25 was on the route.
The strange thing is that when I enter NEW at the NAV/Radio in the FMC of the Airbus A320, it neatly shows NEW 114.25.
But if I enter 114.25 as the frequency, it comes with MEL 114.25
The NAV display does show the DMA up to NEW 114.25 but not the Radial when I fly an exact course…
Everything is Up to Date Prepar3D v5.2 The Aerosoft Airbuses are Up to Date and the NaviGraph AIRAC is 2110

Maybe a Bug…?



When I enter NEW I see 114.25. So data is correct.

When located at say EGLL, and enter 114.25 I too get MEL/114.25. When located at YMML I get DCD/114.25 so it seems to be location dependant.

Best to check in Aerosoft forum.


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