Navdata for MIA(RPLL) not updated


Just updated to the latest navigraph navdata for xplane 11 (2106) and manual installation of navdata with the JARDESIGN A330, and MIA VOR (RPLL) is still not updated. It is still currently using the VOR frequency 113.8, but not the updated 114.4 MIA VOR frequency. Is there something I’m not doing right or the latest data is still not fixed?

Hoping a Navigraph admin would help in my predicament. Currently Using RPLL as my practice airport.

Here are visual references:


please can you re-check if you have the latest AIRAC installed in your XP11? I have checked the MIA-VOR and shows the correct frequency:

Please be sure, that you have installed 2106:

Also, the JARDesign A320 uses the GNS430 dataset and not the default XP11 data. So map the GNS430 for XP11 to your FMS Data Manager because only with this mapping your JARDesign will be updated correctly.

Add the mapping manually in the “Addon Mappings” tab:

Hope that helps,

Hello sir Richard,

Thank you for the reply, will try this right now. Will this be the same process with the JARDesign A330? Currently using the A330 model for info.


I don´t have the A330 but I guess so yes … so, when you have added the GNS430 dataset for XP11 all JARDesign aircrafts should be updated automatically (320 and 330 ;-)).


Just tried it now, Working properly. Thank you for the instructions Richard!

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Great, fine that I could help you … don´t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question!
Happy flying and stay healthy

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