VNLK Lukla approch vectors

I am using Airac 2110 in pilot2atc, but the approach data at Lukla seems to be incorrect, because the approach vectors doesn`t quide to the airport location ,they carry in paralell of the real airport location.
Is there any way to fix taht data?

Will be fixed in the next airac? Thanks

sorry for the delayed answer I have overseen it. We don´t have any terminal procedures for Lukla in our database so, this issue can´t be an issue from our side. Sorry, we can´t fix this … there are no terminal procedures existing for Lukla, therefore this must be any other reason rather a navdata issue.


The creator of Pilot2atc said in his forum this

“Despite the fact that there are no procedures at VNLK, the Navigraph data defines the runway positions that P2A uses for vectoring. Based on your screenshot of the approach setup, the end of the runway is defined incorrectly in Navigraph.
I will contact them to see if they can fix it in the next revision.


There are no runway coordinates available in our datasource, nor in the Nepal AIP. Therefore, we will remove airports with AIRAC 2112, without any runways from the P2A to avoid such wrong position calculations.

Thanks for the hint and sorry that I have misunderstood you with the “vector”.


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