Visual Approach Landmark Name Discrepency

I was flying the Mill Visual approach for 28L at KPDX this evening on VATSIM. The controller and I had a small misunderstanding about the name of a visual landmark. I think this is because of a difference between the Jeppesen chart and the FAA chart:

FAA chart:

Jeppesen chart:

So, I called it the “Fedex Distribution Hub” and the VATSIM controller didn’t know what I was referring to (he was expecting to hear “Air Cargo Hub.”

Not sure how much control Navigraph has over discrepancies like this, but I did want to make sure I alerted someone to it. Thanks for reading!

this is not really a discrepancy, its more depending on the provider and the wording. FAA uses more global wordings for such, like here “Air Cargo Hub”, Jeppesen itself call this by the company name - but its still a cargo hub. Both are correct …

The next time as an option, I would call the “Portland Troutdale” beacon which doesn’t change and where the symbol and name is identically on all data provider/charts.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your explanation, Richard. I have to say it will be slightly annoying in future flights to other airports with visual approaches to have to open both the FAA and Jeppesen charts to identify which landmarks are called the same thing on both charts. I understand this isn’t a Navigraph issue though, so doesn’t seem like there’s much that can be done.

No sorry, but I´m honest - I don´t understand what is so unclear, when only report it as “fedex cargo” instead of “air cargo” - it´s a visual approach, so what when you are not in the position to read the signs on the building? Also, when the controller is family with this area, he should know that this is Fedex, DHL or something else :wink:

Anyway, this is really a thing what is supplier specific … some are more globally, some use more details. I think also we must live with it, sorry :frowning:


No worries, I understand it is supplier specific now.

To explain what happened in a little more detail: He asked me to call out any of the visual landmarks as soon as I saw them so he could clear me for the approach The confusion is because I said “FedEx Distribution Hub in sight.” He then said “you mean the air cargo hub?” And I was confused at that point because I live in the area and know that this is a FedEx ground facility and not an air cargo hub - I would think the air cargo hub would be the cargo area attached to the PDX airport (and no, there are not FedEx cargo services to the Troutdale airport just south of the facility). So there was a bit of back and forth because we were looking at two different charts that say two different things.

Hope you can understand where the confusion lies. I’d almost say the Jeppesen chart is more accurate than the FAA chart for this reason! :sweat_smile:

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This most likely isn’t an issue IRL because the controllers actually know the area they’re controlling and would know it’s the same building; unfortunately there’s no easy workaround for this in the sim.