[EDDH] AIRAC 2203 missing altitude restrictions

Hello there, i use AIRAC 2203 in the FSL A320. I have noticed, that all STARS missing the altitude restriction in EDDH (HAM). Example: NOLGO1P NOLGO at FL110 or below. RARUP1D RARUP at FL110 or below, RIBSO1S RIBSO at FL110 or below.

Maybe you can fix that in one of the next AIRAC updates.

Greetings from Hamburg!

sorry, I can´t reproduce it …



Are you sure, that you use the FMS correctly?

I believe that you will find this to be an FSL issue.

Where a flightplan is loaded and ending at the STAR entry point upon selecting the approach procedure via the MCDU the initial STAR data is dropped instead retaining the flightplan waypoint.


Without the flightplan and selecting a STAR the restriction is loaded as per Richards post.

Thank you for the reply.

Now i use the same STAR as Richard, but i have tu manually input the ALT CSTR manually. Very strange thats only at EDDH for me.
I have for now only a picture of NOLGO after editing it by myself:

… but the difference is now, that you set a hard “AT 11000” and not a “AT OR BELOW 11000” as charted. I´m not sure, why do you want it and why you don´t accept the system, but anyway fine when it´s solved now …


I know but before setting 11000 at NOLGO, there was no ALT CONSTR for me.

That occurs everywhere when a flightplan is loaded, the STAR selected and it has rescrictions on the first waypoint. The MCDU appears to use the last route waypoint rather than that of the STAR entry that contains the restriction data. You can see that in my post earlier and looks to be an FSL issue.

Okay, than its my issue perhaps

But thanks for the help

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