Missing VFR Traffic Patterns?

Having a heck of a time finding any traffic patterns. Have the latest version of N8 and have Traffic Patterns turned on on the VFR Navigation sub menu as well as holding patterns., Neither are displaying.

Hello! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding traffic patterns.

Where are you looking? We get our data from Jeppesen, so the coverage should match that of their ForeFlight application. If I recall correctly, most (if not all) traffic patterns in the US are published in a separate data source that is currently not included in this data. In Europe, these procedures are commonly included in the AIP and available on VAC charts, and in these cases, they should be available on our map! Here is an example from Germany:

If you wish for US traffic patterns to be considered as an additional source for us to investigate, please create a topic in the wishlist!

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This is rather disappointing. I am Canadian and do pretty much all of my sim flying in this part of the world. Until your note I have seen no hint that this is the fact with north american locations.

I am sorry that you feel that way! We have the same coverage as ForeFlight, which is used for real-world flights by real pilots. The data included in that application is based on real use-cases and needs, and it would seem that this is not one of them so far!

I mentioned that you are more than welcome to open a topic in the wishlist section asking us to look into this. We have talked about this internally and even looked at some potential sources, but there are a lot of other things that our users are asking for and I believe that you are the first to point this out. Since this is not an easy feat, we’d probably be looking for more interest before we prioritize this over some of the other features that our users are asking for. I hope you understand!

The good thing with the wishlist section is that it allows users to vote for their favorite topics for us to gauge the general interest. In the end, this ends up being part of our planning for the roadmap!

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Shouldn’t be much need to graphically depict traffic patterns in North America since non-standard traffic patterns like the weird, angled shape at EDXC in the picture above are not a thing here. If they exist they are unofficial, not published. Traffic patterns here all have the same rectangular shape, so they are not charted.

But what is missing from Navigraph Charts is to spell out runways with right hand traffic patterns. That is published information and is listed on sectionals, like the ones we can get at skyvector, right underneath the elevation - rwy length line for the airport. In Charts it is not listed on the VFR chart, you have to open a Taxi chart to see it, and if there is no Taxi chart you have no way of knowing that a runway uses a right-hand pattern. See KSNS for an example.

Rendering is not necessarily the hard part. Sourcing, transforming and including a new dataset into our already large amount of data is the challenge!

I hear that you are missing this right now, and I think that your reason is valid!
We show the information that we get from our source provider, and as already mentioned this means that we have the same data that you would find in ForeFlight. Since Jeppesen and ForeFlight are both US-based companies, I would assume that the lack of traffic patterns is due to the fact that they are not necessary for real operations - perhaps because the information can be found on the sectionals! For some reason, they have decided not to include them in their data, and that is why we don’t have it.

If it was easy and worth it for them, they would do it. Likewise, we will attempt to do it if there is shown interest in it! The topic that you have already created in the wishlist is a great way for us to gauge this interest.

I think that this would be really cool to have. However, there are lots of other things that would also be really cool to have, which more users are asking for. I think it makes sense for us to prioritize our efforts based on community feedback!

Also - please note that you are free to share the link to your wishlist topic with any communities/friends you’d like in order to gather votes! Going by the VATSIM integration topic as an example, this seems to be really effective :smiley:

For anyone coming here in the future, here is the topic in question!