VFR map and G3000 map

I don’t understand! This is also just an example.
Flying into Kelowna using RNAV 34, your chart and the G3000 map show identical route and waypoints
The VFR map is nearly but not quite the same
The plane (TBM930) flies the route shown on the VFR map
This subtle difference is actually very important. It takes you a small distance further east and would crash into some higher ground if you follow the chart altitudes!
Where does the VFR map data come from if not navigraph?

Hi Richard,
the internal flight planing (for all in-game aircraft’s) has a lot of limitations and creates “strange” flightpaths (truncate waypoints, add new waypoints USR, Rxxx, and so on). This has nothing todo with the navdata behind, happens also with the stock navdata from NavBlue (if this procedure is available in NavBlue).

This limitations are confirmed by ASOBO/MS since a few weeks in the 3rd Party Developer forum, also in the communication between ASOBO/MS and us. We all can´t do more at the moment as to sit and wait, till ASOBO/MS has fixed this.

In the meantime, what I can highly recommend is, to use the Working-Title CJ4 (and in the future the FBW A320 also). The WT CJ4 developer has built a own (independent) flight planning module for the CJ4 which is completely " degenerate" from the internal logic in the sim. When you plan your flight in their FMC you will see (in most, most, most cases - nobody is perfect) the correct interpretation of the terminal procedure legs and the correct linkage between STARs and approaches. And here again, it´s independent which data provider you use - the WT CJ4 works with the stock data from NavBlue, as also with our data from Jeppesen.

Sorry Richard, but we can´t help you here more - what we do is, to offer the data in a specific format but we have no influence about the logic behind and if the sim interprets the data correctly or not. At the moment, more not … but again, try the WT CJ4 it´s really worth and you will see what happened, when the data will be interpreted correctly.

Hope that helps a little bit,
Richard :wink:

Thanks Richard

Have been thinking of trying the CJ4, this might be the moment!


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