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I was wondering if you are still planing to include VFR charts in Navigraph? I know you talked about it last year, but it has been very quiet recently.

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This is in development at the moment. We will share more at a later stage.




I would also like VFR charts (and class C/D airspace altitudes).


When are you going to replace the world map (Vaguely interesting but not that useful) with true VFR charts, and include VFR flights in the flight planning functions? In August when 2020 was released you said it would be soon. 2020 is great for VFR flights and it would be nice to have the chart support for them.

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To assist in our VFR Charts development we would appreciate your feedback :

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I understand you’ve got some really cool stuff coming that I’m looking forward to, just wanted to note that I’m also hoping to see VFR charts

I would also like to see VFR charts along with weather integrated into the program. Both of which I understand will be coming in the future. I wonder of there is some kind of roadmap that could be posted to show what is to come?

Any information on a possible period of release?

At this time we are not able to disclose any timeline or roadmap. We have a full team working on the next Charts version which will have extensive VFR features and charts.




Ok thank you for the reply

Looking forward to it :+1:t2:

I, too, am looking forward to VFR charts within Navigraph so I don’t have to use iFlightPlanner and FltPlan Go to accurately fly VFR on VATSIM.

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