Vc vor/waypoints

I am wondering what those “VC” VOR’s/WAypoints are.
I see them on Navigraph enroute charts and on PFPX enroute charts.
They all have geographic coordinates and the initial “VC”.
Some are co located with VOR’s and VORTAC’s but they do not have a frequency.
They are all called VOR but they do not show the frequency.
I guess they are listed in FMS Nav databases, but what does one do if not RNAV equiped???
I can’t find the answer on the forums and anywhere.
Thanks for you help…!

Hello, looks like they are VFR waypoints. They are designed to help assist pilots when flying GPS in the VFR environment. If your aircraft does not have GPS use raw data VOR and victor airways for guidance.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Jason for your reply.
Yes, I saw that some are called VFR Waypoints, but why call them VOR.?

Thanks again

Can you attach a screen shot?

Screen shot with PFPX.

Notice that it says ‘VOR’

However, the same Navigraph waypoints do not. They just say VFR waypoints.

SO why VOR? And no frequency

Thank you

PFPX may have an issue here. There should not be any frequency listed as this is not a VOR. VC227 is a VFR Waypoint or a GPS coordinate. My guess is that this is a PFPX display issue.


Hi again… !

Right. There is no frequency. (I wish there were).

But PFPX shows it as VOR. That’s what is misleading.

But obviously it’s not a VOR.

So why label it as VOR? There must be a reason. But PFPX support in nonexistent to answer that.

Occasionally, I fly the PMDG DC-6 and other piston planes with a very limited GPS. Where it’s not possible to manipulate or add waypoints enroute waypoints.

Anyway thanks for your reply…

Take care.


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