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Hi guys,
I installed the Navigraph database into MSFS2020 to use the VFR waypoints. According to my understanding the names of the VFR waypoints dont match the real world names. An example for a VFR waypoint at LOWW airport is "FREUDENAU" which is abreviated "WWFRE" (see attached picture from the Garmin trainer). Also in the (real world) charts the waypoint is called "FREUENAU". In the Navigraph Database the waypoint is called "VP163" (see attached picture). So at the moment I cant use the VFR waypoints because their names don`t match the (real world) names/charts.

Am I doning something wrong? Is this an issue which will be fixed when it`s not a beta version any more?

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Hi Philip,
no you don´t make anything wrong but the waypoint idents/names are differ from source to source provider. There are no standard ARINC rules for that (only the length limitation). Jeppesen uses the VPxxx waypoint names.

Thats exactly the reason, why it is highly recommended to use the charts and the data from the same source provider. That´s not only a VFR “issue”, that happens with IFR waypoints also - Lido charts uses other waypoints as we have in the database. That´s ok so far …

The good point here is - we are still working on the VFR charts :wink: … so you can expect correct waypoint names in the future, when you use our charts too …


Hi Richard,
thank you very much for your quick response. I didn`t know that the waypoint idents/names are not standardised. I learned something new :wink: Looking forward to see the VFR charts!

Kind Regards,

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