Weird Visual Reporting Point for VFR

In Navigraph Italy map I see there are VRP using name like VP followed by three figures…for example VP448 or VP413.
These names are completely different from real VRP name according to the official ENAV Airac, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to fix these or would be interesting to know how Navigraph has set the VRP name in this way.
Just for example, in the Treviso area ( LIPH ), I see a VP448 point…in the ENAV official document ( ENR6.3-5) it should be PHE3 - SAN BIAGIO DI CALLALTA …and so on.
I can provide the official VRP list, documents and map … of course.
Thanks a lot for any feedback


Here is a screenshot from the VFR chart in this area in the upcoming Charts 8 release. Does it look more like what you are expecting with respect to VRP naming?



… additional to that what Stephen wrote with our new upcoming charts 8, where you can search for the real-names too and not only for the idents - this is a technical limitation because according the ARINC424 standard a waypoint ident can have a maximum character length of 5 and Jeppsen codes visual points with a prefix of “VP” + three digits … that´s the rule and that´s the limitation.

But again, with the new Charts 8 you have a direct reference between the idents (which you can use in the Garmins, FMC/S) and the real names, means you will find both, when you search it.

Hope that helps,

Hi Stephen and Richard, thanks a lot for your time and feedback.
I know about ARINC424 standard waypoint ident limitation…I was just wondering if VP + three digits could be replaced with real ID…that has a format that respects the ARINC424 limitations ( all the real VRP id have four to five chars with letters and figures. I can provide all the more then 400 VRP.
In my real Garmin GTN650 I can search the VRP using the ENAV ids.
Just for example, below a page of the official ENAV 6.3-1-1 doc with some VRP…che the code designator column

Good to knows the charts 8 will introduce the real names search feature, this will fix the issue.
Stephen, thanks for posting the map image…it looks perfect about VRP name.
Below a part of the same area in the official ENR 6.3-5 map

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