Using SIM weather

Would be nice if weather overlay had the option to read and use the weather in the sim rather than real weather. If I use a msfs sim weather preset, charts just shows current real world weaher. Would be nice if it could have option to read sim.

Hi! Thanks for posting.

This is currently not possible. There is no way for third-party developers to read the weather in the simulator. I’ll dive into the details below, but TL;DR:

For now (and in the foreseeable future), if you want weather in Navigraph Charts to match up with what you see in the simulator, you have to use real-time weather.

As far as I know, there are no upcoming plans by Asobo even to make it possible to read the weather in the simulator externally.

If it would one day become possible, it would only be technically feasible to read the weather within a certain radius of the aircraft - not globally. On top of that, the simulator would only include a tiny fraction of the amount of data needed to support all of our layers, greatly limiting the applications of such an integration.

Our visualizations are based on complex weather forecast models that are constantly being calculated by large clusters of supercomputers. It is the same data being used by meteorologists and other scientific fields to make real-life forecasts and decisions, and MSFS will (and should) never achieve the same level of detail.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but at the current moment there is no way that we can feasibly achieve this feature!

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Thanx for the quick response. I expected that was the case, I am familiar with Asobo’s lack of accessibility in the weather api. My thoughts were of the “wouldn’t it be nice if” kind. I have no dissatisfaction with Navigraph and Simbrief and remain a very satisfied user.
Thanx again for the quick response.


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