Using saved Airframe when using Volanta / API method of creating flightplan

I have an airframe saved in my fleet in The registration is EI-DAD
When using Volanta / vamsys to generate a flight plan I input the selected registration (EI-DAD) assuming that it will select the details from the saved custom airframe in my fleet, however it always defaults to the standard 737-800 profile.
The custom airframe profile is for the BCF cargo variant of the 738 and while I understand it’s the same ICAO code, when generating a Prime Air cargo flight plan, it’s irritating to find 170 passengers to load!
I’m aware I can simply log into simbrief and edit the flight plan and re generate it with my desired custom airframe, I was simply wondering if I can avoid this step.
Do saved airframes get taken into account when generating a flight plan from outside If they do what link is used? Registration?

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This feature needs to be implemented on the Volanta/vAMSYS side, which I don’t believe they’ve done yet.

If/when they do, it will normally involve entering your airframe’s internal ID (available from the Edit Airframe page on SimBrief) into the app in question (Volanta, vAMSYS, etc).

Until they do, simply entering the same registration as one of your airframes will not work in those apps. It will still use the default airframe.

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Perfect, thank you - I thought I was going mad!

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