Unable to Create Flight Plan with F28 using API

Hello. My VA has Simbrief integrated into the website and for the most part it works brilliantly, however we are getting an error with the newly released Just Flight F28 for MSFS.

It errors out and says unknown aircraft type. Going to the Simbrief dispatch system I can see the F28 in the list and a patch note from the other day saying the frame has been added, but it doesn’t appear to be working through the API.

The type is correct in the the Simbrief generation URL: &type=F28

Not sure if we have something configured with it wrong, all other airframes work just fine.

Hi, please try again it should be fixed now.


It looks like it works! Thank you!

Quick question, it seems to have defaulted to the 1000 variant. Is there a way to specify which one?

Hi, currently no since they all use the same ICAO code.

What you can do is send the SimBrief internal ID instead of F28. For example, set the &type= parameter as follows:

Variant Internal ID
Fokker F28 Mk.1000 624280_1687457722087
Fokker F28 Mk.2000 624280_1687457572741
Fokker F28 Mk.3000 624280_1688123220047
Fokker F28 Mk.4000 624280_1683743102001

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Thank you for the list. It isn’t currently working, but I suspect that’s on the website side/integration side as it looks like it’s shortening the full ID down to the first four numbers.

I’ll reach out to the the developer of PHPVMS and see if he would know where I can drop that or if some changes need to be made. Thanks again for the help!

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