Ifly 737-800ng airframe?


I noticed that the default 737-800 airframe in Simbrief sets the passengers to 177, while the ifly Configurator stops at 160 (and at 177 for the 737-900). Is Simbrief incorrect and not updated, is the ifly Configurator incorrect, or does ifly just use a variant which is not found in Simbrief? Is there an airframe for the 737-800 that will match the correct default payload for this aircraft? Do I need to create a custom airframe in Simbrief?

Also, how do I load a Simbrief plan into the ifly 737 in p3d? I tried and it did not work…

Thank you.

Hello, yes I would try to create a custom aircraft profile and see how that goes. Are you using the SimBrief downloader to install the flight plan?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I tried using the Simbrief downloader and the flight plan won’t load in the CDU, which might be an iFly quirk but no big deal. I managed somehow to limit the passengers to 150 when I create my flights plans and that seems to work.

Hello again, I would ensure that the flight plan file is going to the correct ifly location. I don’t recall the folder off of the top of my head. Try this folder? \iFly\737NG\navdata\FLTPLAN.

Hi, I realized that I was using the iFly NG folder (for Prepar3d 4) instead of the “iFly NG Advanced” folder, which is the one assigned to Prepar3d v.5.3. My bad. I appreciate your help and thank you so much!!

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