Using Navigraph’s Magnetic Declination in MSFS2020?

Hi, I found that planning a VFR flight using littlenavmap, with MSFS2020 navigation and airports data setting, the magnetic declination is wrong, but then changing to use Navigraph data, it is correct.

So, my question is, is MSFS2020 using magnetic declination from Navigraph? I have FMS Manager installed and updated. Do I need to do anything else to use Navigraph’s magnetic declination in MSFS2020?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Vicente,
thanks for contacting us and your report:

No, we don´t set any global magnetic declination. We are setting the magnetic variation for the airports or the station declaration of the navaids but we don´t update any magnetic declination file.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks for your support!

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