Upside-down Y with AIRAC 2101 Rev.2

I installed the Navigraph Navdata 1.0.0-beta.23 this morning and updated MSFS to AIRAC 2101 rev.2. Now I’m seeing an ugly upside-down Y on at least several of the Garmin maps in the simulator.



Am I the only one to see this? What is it, and what can I do (short of removing the data)?

Hi Gil,
never seen that before (not here in the forum nor in the official FS-forum) and I can´t say what it mean … the question is, what else do you have installed, or do you use any addon-linker programs, …

I can´t really believe, that this is only due the navdata update. When you remove the navdata cycle, all looks good? Happens this generally, means on all airports?

Have you tried this:


Thanks for your suggestions. As it turned out the issue was due to an old version of the Working Title mod for G3X. The upside Y went away when I removed the Navigraph data, but there were other issues that I was not aware of at first like a black background on the glass screens.

Updating all of the Working Title mods seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks Gil for sharing the solution. Never seen this before but good to know, that can be fixed so easly.

Thank you very much

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