G3000 navigraph charts integration broken after latest update su6

As above
When I try to link my account to the g3000 the pop up happens as normal where I would login to my navigraph account but I get a server error message on the internet browser from the navigraph page


Hello Steve! Welcome to the forum!

We appreciate you reaching out to us about problems regarding our Charts, but in this case, you should report the issue on the Working Title Discord server as it is up to them to handle the integration.

I see no other reports on there currently, perhaps there was some temporary issue?

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Hi there, I have not been able to log in with G3000 Navigraph. I get internal error on the Navigraph website while authenticating.

I just tried it and successfully linked account. Make sure you are using latest WT G3000 version 0.7.6.

Check you can login to Charts Cloud

Please try again in case it was a temporary issue.

If still an issue please report this to WT.


Hi Ian, I managed to log in after repeating the process 5 times on the G3000 interface - eventually the navigraph website did not give error and auth was made. Unfortunately my NAVAIDs, COM, ATIS etc. are not working now either and this is with only ASOBO content. Someone had same issue and said reinstalling the whole sim solved it - will test it now.

Stop, stop before you re-install all - I´m not Ian but Richard, hope thats ok too :slight_smile:

Please try the following FAQ:

It´s very important, that you follow all steps exactly. After that try it again … when this doesn´t work, you can re-install it of course but I would help you to avoid it - so worth to try :wink:


Thank you Richard, at that moment I did not have Navigraph installed as I had emptied the Community folder. The reinstall solved the issue with missing NAVaids, radio, runways. However now remaining issue is that autopilot can only navigate on HDG and GPS, not NAV1 ILS nor VOR/DME. I assume these issues have all been related to SU6 update breaking things.

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