Updating X-Life

I run XPlane 11.5 with X-Life, an ai aircraft addon to simulate air traffic. The nav data is way out of date. How can I update the nav data from Navigraph? I ran the Navigraph data manager but it didn’t spot X-Life. If I can download an individual file please give me the link to do so. Thanks.

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we don’t know anything about this addon, therefore I can’t say if its possible to update the data. We don’t support it at the moment. Do you have any mail adress of the developer. Possible we can provide an update in the future.


JarDesign X-Life uses the same navdata as JarDesign A320/A330.

Sorry, forgot to explain.
For X-life manually set in Addon Mappings as shown in the screenshot, second line. Path must be as /X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/X-Life.

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Thanks for your great support in this case! Much appreciated … didn´t known this …

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