Updating MSFS Aircraft


Tried to update the airac this morning, and whilst able to update the PMDG, CRJ and FENIX packages I am unable to update the stock navdata. I do have SU10 beta installed and it comes up the error no content in xml.

I know they change the content structure in this beta, do you know of a workaround at the moment.
Thanks in advance.

That’s normal behavior because the NNC supports only the current version and not the beta due some upcoming change in the SU10.

So, the NNC is not SU10 beta compatible but will with the SU10 release on. Due the content file change, it’s not possible to offer any parallel system.

But again, we will release a compatible version with the offical release of SU10.


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Ok, no problem, thank you for the update Richard

Thanks - but just an update to this - we have found a good solution with the new feature now and we are currently implementing it but again due the structure change, we must wait till SU10 is out because the content.xml file is not downwards compatible … it´s a pity but it is at it is …

So, with SU10 you can expect an update in the NNC also for 100% support.


I’m on SU10 beta but still using the content.xml I had before installing the beta. Can I update the airac as usual?

Yes, no problem …


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