Airac Cycle 2207 rev 1 will not install MSFS SU10b

As in title.

Clicking the blue Install button changes the button to orange installing. But it just hangs there for ever.

right, because we don’t support any sim beta versions. There are few changes in the upcoming SU10 amd we must implement this in the NNC.

But you can expect a update of the Navigraph Navdata Center, when the SU10 is official release on August 23rd (according the dev plan from ASOBO).

Sorry, these changes in the sim are not upwards compatible to SU9 user, therefore we can’t offer any temporary solution.


I did not remove the old content.xml file when I installed SU10 Beta, and the AIRAC 2207 update appeared to install without problems. I don’t know if the Navigraph data is actually taking priority over the default nav data, since apparently SU10 does not actually use the old content.xml (if present), but I have not had any issues with navaids and procedures.

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