MSFS Datacentre Error

i have a Problem with the Datacentre installing AIRAC for MSFS.
I get this Message:

But in

is no file called Content.xml

Whats going wrong ?
Any Help?


Hi Matthias,
I assume you´re using the SU10 beta, right? When yes, you must wait till SU10 will be released and we have updated the Navigraph Navdata Center. We don´t support any MSFS beta versions.


PS: till SU9 this content.xml file was a mandatory file, starting with SU10 this file is not mandatory any longer and will not be used in the same way as till SU9. Therefore we must update our Navigraph Navdata Center too …

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Yes, i am on SU10 Beta.

But btw an additional Question to the Data Centre.

What exactly is it updating and where are the Data saved ?
Is it also updating the “magdeg.bgl” ??


Missing airports will be added + all navaids, waypoints, airways and terminal procedures worldwide. We use the worldwide Jeppesen data only to support MSFS with the most affective data.

No, and thats not really necessary …


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Missing airports will be added

Really nice.
So also the ILS Course of every Airport and also all Addon Airports will be updated ?

I understand this but have to say I’m not happy about it.

As a paying customer we do expect a certain amount of help and support with things like SU10. Simply shutting down any questions with “we don’t support it “ is a little off tbh.

Look at pms50 for example. A complex addon. The developer (who is one person), has been releasing patches and helping users that are using SU10 since its first release.

Yes, nobody forced us to move to SU10 but the performance gains made it necessary for some and also moving back is problematic.

So the bottom line for people like me, is I have paid for Navigraph for the duration of the beta but not been able to use it. (And still no hints of anything that can be done, other than “we don’t support it Ava you’ll have to wait until release”).

Just my 2P here.

How hard would it be to share a little info that would help SU10 users get their paid Navigraph subscription working?

Even if it involves some file editing Etc.

I just wanted to add. Please don’t be offended by this. I’m just stating my opinion. Which I guess is not a very popular one. :smiley:

first we are speaking from SU10 beta and not SU10. Thats a different because we will fully support SU10, when it’s come out from day one on (possible with a few hours delay due the time shifting).

Second, the content file is completely changed therefore not downgrade compatible to SU9. That means the SU9 user can’t use the Navigraph Navdata Center. To support both versions, I guess you agree that this is not worth the effort.

Third, we hadn’t known anything about this change, nor are there any specific information about it. Means, we had first understand how this works and how we can implement it in our new version of the Navigraph Navdata Center.

Fourth, as you wrote, the beta is not mandatory and a beta. Means ASOBO makes changes during every sub-release of this beta. That means no one can guarantee if our solution works after after a new beta update. So, we would be always a step behind.

Fifth, also the beta has navdata included for testing, so it’s not really necessary to make your tests with our data. We must only guarantee that our data works with the upcoming SU10 … and that’s the case, to 100% because nothing is changed in the navdata repository/schema.

Sixth, a beta version should not used or overwrite a productive system, means it is highly recommended to use a separate system for such test. With this solution, you still have your core productive system and also you can compare the features between the current/effective version, with the beta. The optimum case is when you have the same infrastructure, but that’s a money question.

Hope it explains a little bit why we don’t support any beta. Not now, not in the future and the same is valid for addons, excluding get any pre-information before that we can look on the effort and can decided than with the addon devs the best approach.


Wow Richard. First, Second, Third Etc? What’s that all about?

I’m a QA tester / Beta tester for many software companies and a developer, pilot, myself among other things I’m not an 11 year old.

All I was asking was for a little help. You know, something like “well we don’t officially support it but you can try doing this”…

My mistake.

Notice you completely ignored my mention of PMS50 who’s developer does offer support in beta releases in order to be prepared for final release. This helps him and helps beta users too.

Almost all of the software companies I test for will release interim patches to work with other software for testers. Vital when two beta products overlap for example.

Anyway, No need for further replies.



i also ask for a very very little change, but in Navigraph Charts Desktop, and get the same answer.
No help at the end.

Sorry to say that.


We help where we can, but also we as company must calculate the cost and the benefit - the release is announced I guess for 23 of August, so in 10 days - so in the middle of AIRAC 2208. With release of SU10 (+/- a few hours) we will offer a new updated version of the Navigraph Navdata Center which contains the necessary changes.

According you as beta-tester, the data are 100% compatible with SU9, because we haven´t receive anything during the AIRAC 2207 period since SU10 beta comes out. So we will not update the data only the app to make a correct data-installation possible.


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