Updating Aerosoft CRJ


Just a quick question, when using the manual CRJ updater particularly around the version no of the installed AIRAC.

In the screenshot below I have updated the base sim to 2013 rev.2 but running the updater again for the CRJ it remains at 2013 Ver.1. Is this correct, does the CRJ have the same Data as in the Base Sim ?

Hi Andy,
all is good - the revisions are per dataset and not globally. It could be that something is wrong in the MSFS dataset but not in the CRJ dataset. Than we create a new revision for MSFS but not for the CRJ and thats the reason, why it could be differ. So, all is good :wink:

Hi Richard

Great, thank you for such a prompt reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am kind of new to this, so apologies. My MSFS data says 2103 Rev. 2. But in the FMS Data Manager, the addons all say Rev.1. Do I understand you correctly that this is normal at times and things are working OK?

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As Richard mentioned,

the revision numbers are just internal to the specific dataset/addon - so yes this is normal. Some datasets need multiple revisions during a cycle, some not.



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In the CRJ I also don’t see the date of the latest revision as “current database”, but the one before.

However, in one of my recent flights I had the charts of 7A, but in the FMS I only had the 6A revisions to choose from, which was a bit strange to me…

Is this also expected behavior?

in the FMC you see only the AIRAC cycles, but that´s an addon restriction. To your question: There are a lot of 1A, 2A, … 6A, 7A charts in our system, without more details I can´t answer this.

First of all, it’s ridiculous how quickly you respond, I’m not used to this level of customer support. :wink:

Second of all: I asked for support too soon, since I just found out about the dedicated installer for the CRJ, sorry for that!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Uh, damn, I forgot to mention something–it’s just cosmetics but it’ll help me a little:

I’m usually organizing my add-ons by renaming them individually. I just noticed that the error that “the add-on can’t be found” is thrown because I renamed the CRJ folder as well. After reverting back, the installer continues and asks me afterwards which folder I wan’t to use for the update (“Data”).

Is there a way to let me choose the add-on folder before the installer is looking for the default location and throwing the error…?

Thanks again!


While your organising names is laudable normally, I highly recommend against it for anything to do with MSFS. This is still a very new FS, with very new addons. There are many issues still to be resolved. Adding user renamed folders is likely asking for trouble, and adds to the support load. :thinking: :wink:


Hi Ian,

But it’s just about the Community folder… Since developers name their add-ons whichever way they want, I just want to make the folder more structured by adding a prefix for the type of the add-on and its name; for instance, some “flytampa_bla_klas_bla” would become “01_KLAS” (01 for payware airports, 02 for freeware airports etc.) in my Community folder–I don’t expect any issues here for MSFS itself, only for automated updates by the developers, of course.

I didn’t touch the folder “navigraph-navdata” to be able to use the installer appropriately. If I forgot about the installer for a second, however, I could rename it to whatever I wanted and the navdata would still be working in MSFS, right?


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