SIDS/STARS missing in FSX Steam in Aerosoft Airbus, fly the MADDOG 2008

Hello all,

First time here. In my FSX steam edition I’m missing “SOME” SIDS/STARS at many airports in Aerosoft Airbus, MADDOG2008 and Majestic Dash 8. The only add on with all the SIDS/STARS is PMDG.

How can I fix this?

For example KSFO is missing SSTIK4 in all add ons except PMDG.


Hello Omar! Welcome to the forum.

Have you verified that the latest AIRAC is indeed successfully installed into each addon? You can do this using the FMS Data Manager and preferably inside the FMC/MCDU for the respective addon.


Thanks Matte for the kind welcome. Yes, indeed I have updated the AIRAC cycles through the Navigraph manager. In case of MADDOG2008 the only way I know of to update the AIRAC cycle is to copy the PMDG SIDS/STARS. Ironically PMDG is the only add on which has all the SIDS/STARS. Another anomaly I’ve noticed is the SIDS/STARS version. For example at KSFO SSITK4 is current, but in Aerosoft it shows SSITK2. At KLAX IRNMN2 is entirely missing in Aerosoft. I understand this not FSX forum however I’ll appreciate if some can shed some light on how to add SIDS/STARS, or point me in a direction where I can get some help.



I am not too familiar with the Aerosoft addons for FSX, but I do think that there is an option inside the Airbus Configurator that allows one to choose the source of NavData. If that is the case, make sure that Navigraph is selected in favor of NavData Pro.

For the MADDOG, are you sure that the files have been placed in the right directories? That is, has the <FSX Root>/PMDG/NAVDATA folder been copied to <FSX Root>/MADDOG/SIDSTARS?

Also, is this the first time you try to install NavData, or did this issue come with the latest update?


Hi Matte first and foremost thank you very much for all your help.
I did correct the directory address for Aerosoft. It was pointing to a directory which contained NavDataPro, but not the directory itself. So I corrected the address and it’s working fine now. Since NaviGraph doesn’t have an entry for MADDOG2008 I used the Fly The Maddog X and pointed it to MADDOG2008. Before that I not only copied SIDSSTARS from PMDG but also all the NAVDATA directory in PMDG to MADDOG2008. All working fine now.
Thanks again for all your help.


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