EDDL ILS23L HALME transition with wrong altitude constraints

Somehow the HALME Transition at EDDL to RWY ILS23L (or IKLS23R) seems to have altitude constraints which are much too high and quite unflyable. The initial altitude of the transition is at 14000 ft up until DL430 then going to 3000 ft at DL450 (distance 9 km) until final ILS approach.
And as you know these altitude constraints can not be changed within the navlog of the MSFS World Map nor in the MCDU. The latest AIRAC Cycle 2104 Rev 2 has been insatlled.

Thanks for any suggestions.

correct - what should be wrong here?

HALME at or below FL140 and METMA at or above 3000ft … after DL430 it´s a vector (FM leg type) and no direct connection to DL450/METMA but that will not be handled correctly in the sim, sorry.

Here the charts to this approach:


Hello Richard,
thanks for you quick reply. Flying this RNAV Transition using MSFS ATC is a challenge because ATC in fact keeps me at 14000 ft almost up until DL430 and losing 11000 ft of altitude even until METMA by which time I definitively have to be at 3000 ft to get established on the ILS is almost impossible.
But it seems that the MSFS ATC Altitude assignments are almost always too late and sometimes do not make any sense.


Understood - thanks Michael, but that´s exactly the limitation in the sim - we have no influence on it. We would when we could :pensive:

:+1:Thanks for your help. Richard

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