Unable to update NAV data on FF 767

Just to bring to your attention, Flight Factor has made the 767 and A350 compatible with XP12. I can update the Nav data for XP12 but have been unable to update for the two Flight Factor aircraft. I’m sure it’s something you are already working on but I thought I would mention it. Thanks.

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Can you post the exact path, where you have installed the FF767?

Thank you

X-Plane 12/Aircraft//Flight Factor/Boeing 767-300ER


FMS Data Manager searches for aircraft in the X-Plane 12\Aircraft folder rather than sub folders.

I suggest you install to X-Plane 12\Aircraft\Boeing767-300ER where it will be detected.

Not recommended nor supported, you could map your location manually.



I have moved the Boeing 767-300ER directly under the Aircraft Foldert as follows:

x-Plane 12/Aircraft/Boeing767-300ER FMS Data Manager still does not show the XP 12 Boeing 767.


The Navigraph

Hi Mike,

Check your X-Plane 12 path in Settings. Is it on a normal non removable disk? Maybe post a screenshot of path:

In Addon Mappings, select and remove any X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addon entries. Press Scan and Save. Any detection?

If not try +Add to add entry
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Ian, took me a little to figure out how to add the mapping, but I got it to work. Thanks for the help.


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Hi Mike,

You are welcome. Glad it is working.

Happy flying.


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