Cannot renew subscription

hi! im getting this message while trying to renew my subscription, I’ve allready call the bank and everything is ok with my credit card, does anybody are having this trouble? is a visa card

Hi Matias,

As explained in Account Support, we have no issues with Visa payments. Interesting that we don’t even see a failed payment, so we have no reasons.

I shall ask our Account Support team to see if we have any further information on Monday.


Thanks Ian, im trying with pay pal right now, its strange because I have others subscriptions in this card so its not an international block

Ian, I renewed right now my subscription with the same card in pay pal without any trouble, maybe you are having any issue procesing credit cards

Hi Matias,

We are pleased you have been able to subscribe, thank you.

We shall investigate if there were any reasons why you had difficulties renewing.

Happy flying.


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