Unable to manually download exe or zip files on Windows

Hi there,

I have an active ultimate subscription. I’m trying to manually download a zip file of FMS data.
So I go to the downloads page: Downloads (navigraph.com), I’m definitely logged in because on the top right I see my initials for my user acccount. I can also verify in my user account that the subscription is current and active.
But, on the downloads page, when I scroll down to the manual downloads, and click ANY of the maunual downloads, doesn’t matter which add-on or which operating system, doesn’t matter whether the link should be an exe or zip, the link goes to an address under packages.fmsdata.api.navigraph.com and all I get is an XML file that looks like this:

Access denied

I’m using (don’t laugh) Microsoft Edge on Windows 11. Shouldn’t really matter because that’s just a Chromium browser in disguise. I’ve turned off the ad-blocker, didn’t make any difference.

Charts and simbrief work flawlessly. It’s just the main download page that doesn’t work.

Help, how do I get my files downloaded to the windows computer?


Hi Phillip,

Yes, we acknowledge and shall investigate. As a work around you could use FMS Data Manager which is working?


Hi Philipp,

There is an issue affecting some users when using both Charts and the website downloads within a shorter period of time. We’re working on a permanent fix, but to resolve this temporarily please clear your browser cookies and try again.



yep, that worked. Thank you.

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